Design Process

Together we’ll design a kitchen you love

There’s no doubt about it, designing your Kitchen is exciting especially when you’re directly involved. Because we create your kitchen to your specifications and space we don’t need to force you to work pressed kitchen cabinet units which many companies offer and can really compromise design. You’ll get exactly what you have specified within the scope of your budget.

After we have done the measure and quote, we interview you to find out every little detail you’d like to include. it’s really helpful if by this stage you have built up a resource of either print or book marked designs you like with notes on each one indicating what you like about that particular design. We will take away your answers and the scrapbook or collection of links you have and get down to designing your kitchen.

Stage one

We’ll supply you concept sketches to give you an idea of the scope and what your kitchen will look like in terms of layout and basic design. You can tweak the design here at this stage or we can go straight to the more detailed design stage with plans if you’re happy with the initial concepts we supply

Stage two

From here you will be shown technical plans where each element has been carefully measured to fit and these if you like are builders plans which we follow when producing the Kitchen. At every step of the way you are involved to make sure that you are getting what you have asked for signing off each stage so everyone knows you are happy with what you’ve seen so far.

Stage three

this can be an interesting time if both of you have strong opinions about what you like. Here we’ll get you to come into the showroom or we can also drop out and see you and show you a selection of different surfaces - we’ll add practical advice pointing out how different surfaces will wear, discuss ease of cleaning and show examples of the styles you like via photographs where possible so that you have a really good idea of what the final Kitchen will look like.

Once everyone is happy we’ll get you sign off what you have decided on and then we’ll get onto the fun part.

Making your dreams a reality constructing and installing your new dream Kitchen

Kitchen and Cabinets Drawer hinges and Door mechanisms

Gateway Kitchens work exclusively with Blum cabinet, door and drawer mechanisms.

Bum is an international company with a parent company in Austria who are recognized world wide as leaders in Kitchen and Cabinetry technology.

Blum create attractive, Intelligently designed products that are precision engineered to be durable and stand the test of time. These are the are the hallmark of products created by Blum. Translated this means you get beautiful precision soft close doors that are well engineered and built to last not third world rubbish that will fall apart in a couple of years.

These are drawers and door mechanisms that you’ll just love and for all those mechanically minded you’ll marvel at their ingenuity. Just like many products that come out of the Austria and Germany, they manage to convert functional design into something that looks more akin to a beautiful abstract sculptural art forms in the products they manufacture. Attention to detail is everything. So yes, you can rest assured that Blum hinges, draw runners, and other Kitchen and Bathroom mechanisms are among the best you can buy. Married with Gateway Kitchens and Cabinets it is the perfect combination.

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