About Gateway Kitchens

About Gateway Kitchen

For Decades now Gateway Kitchens has serviced the Kati Kati, Tauranga, Waihi Bay of plenty region providing quality Kitchens and Cabinets for your home Bathroom, Bedrooms, Lounge and Office. We have developed a trusted reputation within the Bay of Plenty for high standards of workmanship, quality durable products that suit most budgets. Principle and owner of Gateway Kitchens Ross Rickard makes a point of paying particular attention to detail and ensuring the design process is collaborative ensuring that you get your dream Kitchen rather than what we think you need. Every step of the process is transparent and we involve customers wherever possible to ensure we exceed their expectation. While bulk of projects under taken involve Kitchens. We find our clients frequently are so pleased by the results they receive once the Kitchen has been installed that they often then go on to create custom cabinets for their bathrooms, Laundries and sometimes their entire homes.

It’s a real pleasure making our customers dreams come true and it’s very satisfying for us. Being part of a smaller community like Kati Kati, everyone knows each other and having a good standing in the community is important. We known for doing good work and are well respected for it.

If you’re thinking of installing and designing a new Kitchen, drop in and See Ross and the team. They give you some tips you possibly haven’t considered and set you on the right track before you start. Drop in or call us today to get the ball rolling.

Starting tips and checklist

If you like what you’ve seen so far or heard good things about Gateway kitchens. The following information outlines our design and production process. We recommend you start by first phoning us or dropping into our showroom at 2 Wedgewood Road

Kati Kati we’ll have an initial conversation and come out and measure and answer some questions you might not have thought to ask about. We also recommend you start by downloading our checklist here

Production and installation

Gateway Kitchens work with only the most durable products. Our aim with every kitchen we create is that they’ll still look great in 20 years. While the design asethitics are vitally important, underpinning this is the actual construction and mechanism that ensure durability so that your new Kitchen stands the test of time.

For more information about the actual construct products used speak to Ross and he’ll be happy to walk you through the production plan. But suffice to say that we don’t cut any corners and we have a passion for NZ made. Saying that when it comes to the drawer and door mechanisms sometimes the Germans do it better. We all know they are world renown for their precision engineering. For more detail here again call Ross today to find out more.

Kitchen and Cabinets Drawer hinges and Door mechanisms

Gateway Kitchens work exclusively with Blum cabinet, door and drawer mechanisms.

Bum is an international company with a parent company in Austria who are recognized world wide as leaders in Kitchen and Cabinetry technology.

Blum create attractive, Intelligently designed products that are precision engineered to be durable and stand the test of time. These are the are the hallmark of products created by Blum. Translated this means you get beautiful precision soft close doors that are well engineered and built to last not third world rubbish that will fall apart in a couple of years.

These are drawers and door mechanisms that you’ll just love and for all those mechanically minded you’ll marvel at their ingenuity. Just like many products that come out of the Austria and Germany, they manage to convert functional design into something that looks more akin to a beautiful abstract sculptural art forms in the products they manufacture. Attention to detail is everything. So yes, you can rest assured that Blum hinges, draw runners, and other Kitchen and Bathroom mechanisms are among the best you can buy. Married with Gateway Kitchens and Cabinets it is the perfect combination.

Click the Blum Logo to read more about Blum Hinges and drawer runners